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Our unique and out of the Box  SEO approach to achieve affordability with great effectiveness shall increase targeted traffic at your website.


Our strength is to deliver and finetune with minimal input. 

Strategy Discussion

“Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it’s about deliberately choosing to be different.” Michael Porter

We at Embino, very closely understand your business, its strength, and how your business is different from your competitor. This fundamental information helps us make interpretations and a long term SEO approach.

This guides us in deciding the target audience, creating a sales funnel, deciding the right keywords, and designing the right content.

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Our experts provide the best keyword research by manually researching multiple keyword options and competitor analysis for that keyword. We come out with a list of probable keywords for each page and further zero in with deeper analysis.  This step is critical for the long-term SEO approach and making the content strategy.


Now, that we have understood your requirement, our technology and marketing experts shall analyze and process information and convert it into easy-to-understand SEO reports.


Technical SEO

Small Businesses often miss this part of SEO, a running website with a decent look and feel does not confirm SEO friendliness. Our Technical experts analyze the site and consult on the changes. You need not worry about this anymore


Focus on content optimization, meta title, and Navigation will help our customers earn the search engine ranking, Your site at this stage is much user friendly and the content is relevant to the users.



What's working for Search Engine Optimization, What's not working, What are the changes that are required. We analyze the results and rework on optimization.


Its time to finetune the Strategy and start work on Off-Page SEO simultaneously. 

Off-Page SEO

We shall work in an ethical manner to publicize the content and get natural organic links ensuring White Hat SEO.

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